The proposed amendment is greatly flawed and discriminatory. I encourage Pittsylvania County citizens to request a copy of the proposed ordinance. It is applicable to "residential dwellings in traditionally agricultural areas", which is most of Pittsylvania County.

The increase it lot sizes is excessive, will be a deterrent for residential growth and development, big taxpayers in the county. The proposed setbacks and lot sizes are designed to allow sludge spreading close to property lines. Recorded plats will be required to have a disclaimer that will further complicate financing of homes in the county. You won't be even be able to build a shed for your lawnmower unless it's 30' from your property line.

Current residential properties will be "grandfathered." There will be little, if any opportunity for residential zo...
ning designation as it will be phased out. Every time a property owner requests a rezoning of their property from residential to agriculture (which happens often in the county yielding lower taxes) the adjoining property owner who is not grandfathered will not ever be "residential." It will be RR-A and be required to have the disclaimer on it's plat if a residence is established.

It is curious that the handful of farmers pushing this claim they want "to see future homeowners and owners of other dwellings in the county be required to comply with the same setback rules as they do." Spreading sludge is not an activity in which homeowners engage.